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Conneaut School District

Student Services Mission Statement

Student Services in the Conneaut School District is a collaborative effort involving the school, family and community in developing an appropriate educational program which supports inclusionary practices and provides opportunities for every student to maximize his/her potential to become a productive member of a global society.


Special Education Plan  - Conneaut School District Plan Report 07/01/2018 - 06/30/2021

EL Plan (English Learners Plan) - Conneaut School District June 2020


Assistant to the Superintendent/Director of Student Services 
Ms. Marilyn 'Susy' Dressel
814-683-5900 X5453

Administrative Assistant for Access, Child Count and IEP Writer
Ms. Melissa Michael
814-683-5900 X5453

Special Education Access Billing Coordinator

Michelle Mihoci

814-683-5900 x2143


School Psychologist(s)
Dr. Benjamin Stumpf
(814)683-5900 X7534

Mrs. Monica Weed
(814)683-5900 X5428

Speech Pathologist

Chantal Bidwell (CLE, CLMS and CASH)

814-683-5900 X2310

Ashley Farley (CVE, CVMS and CASH)

814-683-5900 X2315


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