Middle School Analysis

Middle School Analysis

March 23, 2018

Public Comments/Questions regarding Analysis of Conneaut middle schools-

The Nine Board of Directors of the Conneaut School District are interested in hearing from the public regarding the analysis of the middle schools. Each Board of Directors contact information (phone, email, etc.) is available at this link-


Group email to the School Board is sboard@conneautsd.org

Please submit any questions or comments to any of the Board Members by April 30, 2018 for this first phase of analysis.

Here are the options the Superintendent proposed-

1. Leave the setup of the district as it is
2. Move 5th grade back to the elementary schools and have 6, 7, 8 at CVMS
3. Move 5th grade back to the elementary schools and have 6, 7, 8 at CLMS
4. Move 5th and 6th back to the elementary schools and have 7, and 8 at Alice Shafer

Information collected during the previous high school consolidation reviewed by the BUSS Committees in 2012/2013 has been posted further down this page for public review.

As noted at the March 20, 2018 Additional Work Session, Mrs. Dorothy Luckock Board President provided the following timeline; 
1. Public Question/Comment Period provided until the end of April to get any questions/comments to any of the 9 elected board members. Which can be via phone call, email, in person, or "snail" mail. The Board of Directors ask that any letters sent to please sign their letter. 
1. If a group such as was done by CLMS PTO wants to have a civil, organized listening session - that is up to you- to collect and organize information but would not be a question and answer session - as it would not be an official public meeting of the board.
2. Each board member is to compile the list of information that they have been given and turn in to the President at the May 2, 2018 work session, if not before. 
3. The President will then prepare a single compiled list by no later than the May 9th voting meeting to present to the entire board and superintendent. 
4. The Superintendent would then "divide" up the areas to the appropriate administrators, etc. for information collection and analysis. 
5. The board would then in June, July and August be reviewing that information as we move forward. 
6. As was noted, during this same timeframe we would provide information to the public as follow up to review. The follow up is in regards to questions and concerns submitted by the public along with any follow up as needed. 
7. Superintendent would make recommendation to the Board at the September 4, 2018 Work Session. 
8. Based on Superintendent's recommendation - if his recommendation has a change or involves the closing of a building, then a mandated public hearing would be scheduled for October. This provides the public time between the recommendation and the public hearing to review the information presented and develop any questions or comments. 
9. Based on the date of the hearing the state then requires a 90 day "cooling off" period before any vote can take place on this matter. This also gives another opportunity/timeframe for the public to contact the Board of Directors with any questions or comments; as well as provides the Board time to take into consideration any of the public input prior to a vote. 
10. A vote on the Superintendent's recommendation would then be held in Jan. or Feb. 2019 (based on the actual date of the October hearing). 
11. This would give ample time, if any changes would be occurring for the 19/20 school year, to notify staff and prepare for any adjustments.

In addition, the Superintendent and the School Board President will pursue options for an outside consultant and what costs could be associated with their service(s).

Jarrin Sperry                     Dorothy Luckock
Superintendent                  Board President


Information provided during the high school consolidation during 2011

2011/2012 High School Consolidation B.U.S.S. Committee's Summaries

2011 2012 Budget to Actual Analysis September 5, 2012

Act 1 Index History 2006 through 2012

Budget Reductions by Option

Expense Category Descriptions

Fund Balance Analysis November 29, 2011 and Fund Balance Projection November 29, 2011

Fund Balance Projection November 30, 2011

Fund Balance Analysis March 23, 2012

Projected Millage to Close Budget Deficit for Option 5

BUSS Committee and Conneaut SD BOD Wide Community Meeting held at Linesville Campus December 12, 2011

Public Hearing on the Proposed Reconfiguration of Conneaut SD Buildings held January 30, 2012

Option 6B as Presented by Mr. Jarrin Sperry at the January 30, 2012 Public Hearing 

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