Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the District!!!

A number of years ago, the Conneaut School Board made the difficult decision to consolidate our three high schools into one, merge our three elementary schools into two, and create two new middle schools that serve grades 5-8.  The move saved the district approximately $2 million a year. 

Now, years later, the graduating class of 2016 was the first class to have their entire high school career completed in the consolidated high school.  In that time, the Conneaut School District has added: new sports programs, (we have 19 varsity sports), new classes (We have added Forensic Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP Bio, AP Programming, Engineering II, Game Programming, The History of Rock and Roll), and others. 

We also created our own Cyber Program.  We have over 90 students in our cyber program with full time cyber students and blended students (students that take some cyber courses mixed with regular classes in the school building.)  Starting in 2015, we have had juniors take their junior year in the high school while simultaneously completing their senior year in our cyber program.  These students graduated a “senior” with all their credits at the end of their junior year and went off to college and/or further training. 

As we move through the next years and beyond, we are focused on our students and their development as contributing members of society.  We will also be offering more AP Courses, and we will continue to implement a 1:1 program from our high school to our middle schools. 

The future is bright in Conneaut, and moving forward, we will always strive to give our students the pathways they need to reach their individual goals


Superintendent's 2018/2019 Evaluation-

On December 11, 2019, the Conneaut Board of School Directors met in executive session to conduct a performance evaluation on the Superintendent of Schools, Jarrin Sperry.  Mr. Sperry received overall ratings of satisfactory in all categories of evaluation.  Criteria were assessed using the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators Superintendent Evaluation Tool and included the following Leadership Standards:  Shared Vision, Culture of Learning, Decision Making, Management, Family and Community, Ethics, Advocacy, Personal and Professional Growth.  In addition, Mr. Sperry was evaluated on the Objective Performance Standards and goals established by the Board.   With the exception of a small percentage of student growth as measured by the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System, all performance goals were met.



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