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Conneaut School District

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About the Conneaut School District

The Conneaut School District is located in northwest Pennsylvania's Crawford County and geographically encompasses approximately the western third of the county. The school district is approximately 8 miles west of Meadville, 40 miles south of Erie and 91 miles north of Pittsburgh. Comprised of a total area of approximately 319 square miles, the School District is bordered on the south by Mercer County, on the west by the state of Ohio, on the north by Erie County and on the east by the city of Meadville. Included in the School District are the Boroughs of Conneaut Lake, Conneautville, Linesville and Springboro. Townships comprising the School District include Beaver, Conneaut, East Fallowfield, Greenwood, North Shenango, Pine, Sadsbury, Spring, Summerhill, Summit and West Fallowfield. The School District can be classified as rural with the majority of the work force employed in area contiguous to that of the School District.

The Conneaut School District is comprised of three separate attendance areas: Linesville, Conneaut Lake and Conneaut Valley. Each attendance area represents a small diverse community. Linesville is a small community located near the Pennsylvania and Ohio state line. It is a close-knit community. Many tourist visit Linesville because of the town’s proximity to Pymatuning Lake. Conneaut Lake is a resort town on the shores of Conneaut Lake. Tourism flourishes here particularly during summer months. Conneaut Valley represents the community of Conneautville and Springboro, small towns in the north-central part of the school district. The Conneaut Valley community is also centered in a predominantly agricultural area of Crawford County.

The school district is comprised of one high school, Conneaut Area Senior High (CASH) located in Linesville.  Grades 9-12 attend CASH using the high school and Alice Shafer Annex.   Conneaut Valley and Conneaut Lake are each home to  an elementary school and a middle school.  Conneaut Valley Elementary and Conneaut Lake Elementary each hold grades K-4.  Conneaut Valley Middle School and Conneaut Lake Middle School each hold grades 5-8.  

The following statistics represent the student enrollment in each of the five schools in the Conneaut School District. at the end of the 2021-2022 school year;

Conneaut Lake Elementary 324 Conneaut Lake Middle School 328

Conneaut Valley Elementary 314 Conneaut Valley Middle School 278

Conneaut Area Senior High (CASH) 641

The schools enrollments total 1903 for the entire school district. 

More than 240 administrators and supervisors, teachers and support staff share the responsibility of making Conneaut Schools function efficiently.

The Board of School Directors is comprised of nine members, elected by region. The school board governs the Conneaut School District. As the chief administrative officer, the Superintendent of Schools, is assisted by a professional and supervisory staff which presently includes a Business Manager, a Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment/Title I Services, a Supervisor of Special Education, a Director of Technology, a Director of Buildings and Grounds and six building administrators.