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This K-8 resource list you see below is a list of applications and websites your child may be exposed to during the school year where they create or are assigned accounts or where information is collected about individual students. There is a link to the homepage of each website along with another link to their corresponding privacy policy information. It is encouraged that Parents and Guardians look through this list and review the privacy policies. This list will be updated on a yearly basis, and we encourage you to stay current with our latest district approved applications and websites.


Ø  ABCYa (Privacy Information for ABCYa)

Ø  Bookflix (Privacy Information for Bookflix)

Ø  Boom Learning (Privacy Information)

Ø  Big Ideas Math  (Privacy Information)

Ø  BizTown (Privacy Information)

Ø  Blooket (Privacy Information)

Ø  Brain Pop Jr (Privacy Information for Brain Pop Jr)

Ø  Brain Pop (Privacy Information for Brain Pop)

Ø  Canvas (Privacy Information)

Ø  Canva (Privacy Information)

Ø  CareerZone (Privacy Information)

Ø  Classroom Diagnostic Tools (Privacy Information)

Ø  Chrome Music Labs (Privacy Information for Chrome Music Labs)

Ø  Class Dojo (Privacy Information)

Ø (Privacy Information)

Ø  Code Academy (Privacy Information)

Ø  Common Sense Education (Privacy Information)

Ø  Cool Math (Privacy Information for Cool Math)

Ø  Cybersmart  (Privacy Information)

Ø  Destiny Card Catalog (Privacy Information)

Ø  Discovery Ed (Privacy Information for Discovery Ed)

Ø  Ducksters (Privacy Information for Ducksters)

Ø  Easy CBM (Privacy Information)

Ø  Edmentum (Privacy Information)

Ø  EdOptions (Privacy Information)

Ø (Privacy Information for

Ø  Epic (Privacy Information for Epic)

Ø  eSchool Home Access Center (Privacy Information)

Ø  Flip Grid (Privacy Information for Flip Grid)

Ø  Freckle (Privacy Information)

Ø  Garmin (Privacy Information)

Ø  Generation Genius (Privacy Information for Generation Genius)

Ø  Gimkit (Privacy Information for Gizmo)

Ø  Gizmo (Privacy Information for Gizmo)

Ø  Go Noodle (Privacy Information for Go Noodle)

Ø  Google Classroom (Privacy Information for Google Classroom)

Ø  Gynzy (Privacy Information for Gynzy)

Ø  Happy Numbers (Privacy Information for Happy Numbers)

Ø  Houghton Mifflin (Privacy Information)

Ø  IXL (Privacy Information for IXL)

Ø  Kahoot (Privacy Information for Kahoot)

Ø  Kami (Privacy Information)

Ø  Khan Academy (Privacy Information for Khan Academy)

Ø  Legends of Learning (Privacy Information)

Ø  Lego education (Privacy Information)

Ø  Math180 (Privacy Information)

Ø  Math Seeds (Privacy Information for Math Seeds)

Ø  McGraw Hill (Privacy Information)

Ø  MobyMax (Privacy Information for MobyMax)

Ø (Privacy Information for

Ø (Privacy Information for

Ø  Mystery science (Privacy Information for Mystery Science)

Ø  Newsela (Privacy Information)

Ø  Office 365 Software Suite (Privacy Information)

Ø  PBS LearningMedia (Privacy Information for PBS LearningMedia)

Ø  Pearson (Privacy Information)

Ø  Prodigy (Privacy Information)

Ø  Quizlet (Privacy Information)

Ø  Quizizz (Privacy Information)

Ø  Read 180 (Privacy Information)

Ø  Read along by Google (Privacy Information)

Ø  Reading Eggs / Express (Privacy Information for Reading Eggs / Express)

Ø  Reading Wonders (Privacy Information for Reading Wonders)

Ø  Read Works (Privacy Information for Read Works)

Ø  Renaissance Learning (Privacy Information for Renaissance Learning)

Ø  SAVVAS (Privacy Information)

Ø  Scholastic Reading Counts (Privacy Information for Scholastic Reading Counts)

Ø  ScootPad (Privacy Information)

Ø  Scratch (Privacy Information)

Ø  Screencastify (Privacy Information for Screencastify)

Ø  SeeSaw (Privacy Information for SeeSaw)

Ø  Spelling City (Privacy Information for Spelling City)

Ø  Splash Learn (Privacy Information for Splash Learn)

Ø  Starfall (Privacy Information for Starfall)

Ø  Study island (Privacy Information for Study Island)

Ø  Teach Your Monster to Read (Privacy Information)

Ø  Think Central - Go Math (Privacy Information for Think Central - Go Math)

Ø  Time for Kids (Privacy Information for Time for Kids)

Ø  Truflix (Privacy Information for Truflix)

Ø  Typing Club (Privacy Information)

Ø (Privacy Information)

Ø  Xtra Math (Privacy Information for Xtra Math)

Zoom (Privacy Information for Zoom)